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.004" Straightened Stainless Wire


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.004" Straight Wire 10-pack N2104
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Detailed modeling requires precision components. We believe our ultra-fine, super-straight stainless steel wire (shown above with a dime and ordinary straight-pin for comparison) will help move model detailing to a level that was previously unavailable. This wire is custom fabricated to our  specifications to ensure modelers get the highest degree of accuracy and product consistency. Straight to within .002" over its entire 9" length and diametrically consistent to within 0.0001", this spring-temper 304 stainless wire has a break-load strength of more than 4 lbs! It can be easily bent and formed without annealing and can be quickly annealed for special wrapping or forming situations. See the How to... link above for details. Prior to straightening, this wire is sized by being drawn through precision diamond coated dies making the surface very smooth and shiny. It may be tiny, but it's easy to see.

Whether creating realistic appearing wiring between telephone poles (a natural appearing "droop" can easily be achieved); antennae for trucks, cars or locomotives, fence wiring, crane cables (with no fuzz and can support weight), model ship rigging, structural support/cabling, or 100's of other possibilities; we think this wire will fit the bill.

Z-Scale enthusiasts: This wire is scale 1" in diameter. Perfect for more prototypical looking railing.










.012" Straightened Stainless Wire

Our .012" diameter straightened stainless wire is ideal for using as a forming support for our .018" tubing (N2018). Slide it inside our tubing and it will fully support the tubing wall during the bending process. This is covered in detail in the Forming/annealing link for our tubing.

We have recently redefined the specifications for this wire to greatly improve smoothness and straightness. It is now drawn to size through diamond-coated dies for extra surface smoothness, roundness and diameter tolerance. Straightness is maintained to within 0.010" over the entire length. As a result, this wire is very useful for fabrication of handrails, stair railing, general piping and conduit or anything that requires a 2" diameter scale piping in N-scale. It's also equivalent to 1" in HO-Scale and 2-1/2" in Z-Scale. We supply it in 9-inch lengths, 10 pieces to a package.

Desc. Item# Cart Price
.012" Straight Wire 10-pack N2112


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 .85"x.85" 8-pack   N7003-8

 .85"x1.70" 4-pack   N7004-4

How about real window glass in N-Scale that approaches proper thickness? Our picture is shown with Athern's new N-Scale Ford C-Series Tractor for size and clarity. Imagine being able to bond a thin, clear material using any type of glue, epoxy, or adhesive without worrying about it being attacked (softened or crazed). If you accidentally get adhesive where it doesn't belong, wipe away the excess and wait until the remaining film is dry, then (gently) scrape it off! Try that with acetate or styrene. It can also be painted with virtually any type paint.

Unlike some microscopic cover-glass products, this is manufactured from clear, borosilicate glass which is very superior in strength. This glass has super clarity and is perfectly flat. Each sheet is uniform in size and thickness. It can easily be "scribed and snapped" to required size (see How to... above for details).

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.005" Thick Plate Glass