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Here's an example of the .004" stainless wire between two poles to support a light over an N-scale 4-way intersection. This was using an early sample of the wire straightened to .010" straightness (we've since gone with the tightest .002" tolerance). In this example four Micro LEDs (2 red and 2 yellow) were wired in series and the two #38 leads were wound around the .004" stainless wire in opposite directions and then down slots in the poles to the flashing circuit below. The Stainless wire is attached to the poles using CA adhesive.

Since the .004" stainless wire is much stronger and spring tempered, it was easy to "set" an exaggerated droop between the two poles and the #38 (copper) wires followed the droop. A light touch of Poly Scale Night Black acrylic paint and the four LEDs and associated wires resemble the real thing.


2008 Ngineering