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Listed below are website changes and new product releases.

For new products, clicking on the part number will lead you to more information.


06/26/2024 Product update: NK8047 Campfire Kit products have been moved to the Pre-assembled Lighting products page
06/09/2024 Webpage update: International shipping rate US Postal Service has increased minimum First Class International shipping rate
04/24/2024 Product update: NK8031 MarsLight Kit,  NK8033 GyraLight Kit & NK8064B Gas Welder Kit products have been moved to the Pre-assembled Lighting products page
04/15/2024 Product update: NK8032 Beacon Kit & NK8035A Lighthouse Beacon Kit products have been moved to the Pre-assembled Lighting products page
04/15/2024 Webpage & product line addition: Pre-assembled Lighting products have been added to our website
04/04/2024 For browsing simplification, we have relocated linking buttons for Effects for Sci-Fi & Effects for R/C to the Lighting Effects Products page
02/10/2024 Product update: N8108-02 thru -05 7-LED Arrow Bar for Emergency Vehicles
12/21/2023 Product update: Etched Micro Mesh no longer available
09/19/2023 Webpage update: Show Schedule
09/14/2023 New product release: N80XX-097 City sounds #3
09/14/2023 New product release: N80XX-098 Klaxon "Aooogah" horn sound
05/21/2022 Product information update for: L8047 latching campfire effect
04/8/2023 New product release: N80XX-096 Forest or Building Fire sound
04/12/2023 New product release: N80XX-095 Mack Truck Startup sound
03/27/2023 Website update: Manufacture's price increase for Soldering Iron & Stand
05/14/2022 New product release: Litghting Kits for R.S. Miniatures' newest Diamond Series Kit Drake Street Shop Track
05/02/2022 Website update: Minor corrections to  Connecting_N8099 alternating 4 headlight  Simulator
04/10/2022 New product release: NLA8039 Low-voltage Class Light Simulator for 3.3-volt LEDs
04/07/2022 Website update: Added helpful hints for using the N40M2 Soldering Iron
03/30/2022 New product release: NK8032 & NK8032A Beacon Kits
03/20/2022 Website update: Part number change & new product releases:
          Arc Welder Kit changed from NK027 to NK8064
          Added MarsLight Kit for 12-volt operation NK8031
          Added GyraLight Kit for 12-volt operation NK8033
          Added Lighthouse Beacon Kit w/ Incand. & Green LEDs NK8035
          Added Lighthouse Beacon Kit w/ Incandescent LED N8035A
          Added Campfire Kit NK8047 (suitable for Z, N & HO projects)
          Added Campfire Kit NK8047-2 (for larger O & G scale projects)
          Added Gas Welder Kit NK8064B
          Added N8064B-2 Gas Welder timed for N80XX-092 sound
03/08/2022 Website update: Domestic & International shipping rate adjustments (small increases) can be found at Order Info
03/03/2022 New product release: N3220 16-volt 220uf tantalum capacitors
02/09/2022 Website update: Lighting Effects for Sci-Fi & Lighting Effects for R/C have been added to the Lighting Effects Products page. Linking buttons there are active
02/04/2022 New product release: N80XX-093 Bald Eagle sounds
01/30/2022 New product release: N80XX-092 Gas Welder sounds - timed to work with N8064B-2 Gas Welding Lighting Effect
10/26/2021 New product release: N80XX-091 Forklift sounds
10/03/2021 Our Feedback page is (finally) repaired and has a new look. Thank you for your patience.
05/04/2021 New product release: N8110-10 1970's era police 4-LED lightbar and alternating headlights
05/04/2021 New product release: N8110-09 Early-era fire truck configured for red Mars light and alternating lights
05/04/2021 New product release: N8110-08 Modern fire truck alt. strobes and rapid lightbar
05/04/2021 New product release: N8110-07 Modern Schoolbus flasher w/stop sign flashers
05/04/2021 New product release: N8110-06 Early-era Schoolbus flasher w/stop sign flashers
02/14/2021 New product release: N80XX-090 Reefer Generator
02/10/2021 New product release: N80XX-089 Trolley Bell
01/25/2021 Postal shipping rate increases for domestic and International orders effective 1/24/2021. Details here: Ordering & Delivery Info 
01/15/2021 New product release: N80XX-088 Diesel Horn
01/10/2021 New product release: N1061A  Ultra-bright, wide viewing-angle 3MM white LED
12/28/2020 New product release: N8LD8110-02  Drone Navigation Light Kit
12/27/2020 New product release: N8108-01 4-way Intersection Signal Simulator
12/16/2020 Updated & reorganized Lighting Effects Products webpage
12/14/2020 New product release: NLD8110-03 Dual simultaneous Marslight Simulator
11/23/2020 Replaced N3512A Power Supply with more powerful N3512B version
10/31/2020 Price increase for N3301-4 Battery Clip due to manufacture's increase
07/07/2020 Added Pre-wiring Service for Little Sounds & Little Bigger Sounds
07/07/2020 Added Custom sound effects Service details
07/02/2020 New product release: N80XX-087 Amtrak Station Sounds
06/24/2020 Service update: Oooops Coverage fee increase from $6.50 to $7.50 for Lighting Effects Simulators
06/08/2020 New product releases: N8083, N8084, N8096, N8096A, N8096B, N8096C, N8099 all for Emergency Vehicles
05/07/2020 Product update: N4200 Kester solder repackaging
04/23/2020 New product release: N8405 Sound Focusing Tube for N8301 & N8501 Sound Products
03/26/2020 New product releases: N8062A & B  & NLD8062A & B Aircraft Navigation Light Simulators
01/05/2020 New product release: N3211-5 Momentary push-button 5-pack
12/31/2019 New product release: N8XXX-085 Steam-powered 1900's-era Sawmill sound
11/14/2019 New product release: N1078-2 T10 130 lumen ultra-high intensity Incandescent LED
11/12/2019 New product releases: N8XXX-081 & -082 Fog horn & surf sounds, Donkey sounds
10/22/2019 Updated N8XXX-079 Military Taps sound to include Reveille sound as separate choice
10/06/2019 New product release: N8504 External (generic) amplifier adapter Kit
10/06/2019 New product release: NK031 Lightning effects Kit & N8502-030 Thunderstorm purchase together and save 12+% 
10/05/2019 New product release: NK030 Lightning effects Kit designed for use with N850X Thunderstorm Little Bigger Sounds. Can also be stand-alone kit
10/03/2019 New product release: N1070-2 T10 300 lumen ultra-high intensity White LED
10/03/2019 New product release: N8103A-X Super Booster Boards
08/16/2019 Updated Postal shipping rates for International shipments
08/14/2019 Corrected drawings & text for NLA/NLD8043 Low-voltage Strobe hookup
08/03/2019 New product releases: N8XXX-079 & -080 Taps bugle & Loon sounds
04/26/2019 Product replacement found N4095 Soldering tip tinner/cleaner by Multicore®
04/02/2019 Product to be discontinued: N4095 Soldering tip tinner/cleaner. Limited stock remaining.
03/23/2019 New product release: N8400 Little Sounds Upgrade to Little Bigger Sounds
03/20/2019 New product releases: N1061 through N1069 3mm White, Warm-white and color LEDs
03/12/2019 New product release: N1058 5mm Warm-white LED
11/02/2018 New product releases: N8XXX-075 & -076 Cricket sounds & Cicada sounds
10/24/2018 New product release: N8XXX-074 Woodworking Shop
10/11/2018 New product release: NK8035A Lighthouse Lighting Kit w/pre-wired LED
  and effects simulator.
08/25/2018 New product releases: N8XXX-072 & -073 Early-era Telephone and Hobo
  Camp sound effects.
08/12/2018 Updated Search Site page with new search engine (that works correctly)
08/10/2018 Updated wiring diagram for N8501 & N8502 Little Bigger Sounds
  to clarify connections.
08/02/2018  New product release: N8079 Police Traffic Revision Arrow Simulator
06/28/2018 New product releases: NK024-NK027 Lighting & Sound Kits for Rail Scale Miniatures' Whispering Falls Craftsman Kit
06/20/2018 New product release: N8XXX-071 Modern Grade Crossing sound effect.
06/07/2018 New product release: N2596 AC/DC to DC adjustable Voltage Converter.
04/27/2018 New product releases: L-series Lighting effects (22) with latching on startup to support the N8600 Proximity Detector.
04/24/2018 Upgraded website to SSL (secure Socket Layer) 2048-bit encryption to maximize security (web addresses now display green padlock).
04/12/2018 New product release: N8600 Proximity Detector.
04/01/2018 New product release: N8078 Fire truck Roto-Ray 3-LED Emergency Light.
09/02/2017 New product release: NLA8042C Low-voltage Rotating Beacon
06/08/2017 New product release: N8077 Opticom traffic pre-emption emitter
06/08/2017 New product release: N8031C Marslight for red LEDs
06/07/2017 New product release: N8076 Fire Truck 4 strobe simulator w/opticom
04/07/2017 New product release: NLA8049 Low-voltage Chase Light simulator
01/12/2017 New product release: N8075 Utility Vehicle Flasher




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