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                             Lighting Effects Products with startup Latching capability


The following products are identical to existing effects products except for the addition of latching programming that allows them to run for 30 seconds, after the momentary grounding of their input control. This feature is designed to work with our N8600 Proximity Detector

Item Description (same as ) Cart Price
L8035 N8035 Lighthouse Simulator(white & grn beacon)
L8035A N8035A Lighthouse Simulator(white beacon only)
L8036 N8036 Marker Buoy Simulator
L8044 N8044 Unmarked Police Car Simulator
L8044A N8044A Unmarked Police Car w/headlight option
L8046 N8046 Furnace/Forge/Sawdust Burner Simulator
L8047 N8047 Campfire / Fireplace Simulator
L8060 N8060 Machine Gun Simulator (modern 4 LEDs)
L8061 N8061 Machine Gun Simulator (WW1-era)
L8061A N8061A Machine Gun Sim. WW1-era for 2 LEDs
L8064 N8064 Arc Welder Simulator
L8064B N8064B Gas Welder Simulator
L8066 N8066 Channel Marker Simulator
L8067 N8067 Television Flicker Simulator
L8072 N8072 6-LED Police Bar Simulator
L8072A N8072A 6-LED Police Bar Simulator (alt. colors)
L8074 N8074 School Bus Flasher Simulator
L8075 N8075 Utility Vehicle Flasher Simulator
L8076 N8076 Fire Truck 4 strobe Simulator w/opticom
L8092 N8092 Enterprise NX-01 Nav. Light Simulator


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