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Other Cool Tools










Ultra-thin Saw Blade Kit
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How to...
Here's a tool that any serious modeler shouldn't be without. Manufactured for Forney Industries, these miniature tempered saw blades are ultra-thin at only .005" thickness. Imagine being able to cut or slot material, with a slot width of less than 1N-scale inch! Definitely an aid to precision kitbashing. These blades are ideal for plastic, wood and soft metals. The kit includes 2 blades (1/2" and 5/8"), and a 1/8" precision mandrel for a Dremel type tool.







































Intelligent LED Tester
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Using the Tool
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Using the Planner
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Using the NT302
Using the NT303
Using the NT304
Using the NT305
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Planner N8200
Desc. Item# Cart Price
Twisting Tools NT306
Desc. Item# Cart Price
LED Holding Tool NT301
Desc. Item# Cart Price
HO Gooseneck Tool NT302
N Streetlight Tool NT303
N Gooseneck Tool NT304
Z Streetlight Tool NT305
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Curved Tip Syringe N4310
Wire Twisting & Small Parts Holders
LED/wire Holding Tool
LED Color / Intensity Planner
Gooseneck & Streetlight
tube Bending Tools
Easy-reach Curved Tip Syringe
2022 Ngineering

Desc. Item# Cart Price
 Saw Blade Kit N4300
Using the same copper-plated steel smooth-jawed clips as our LED/Wire Holding Tool above, these versatile little tools are extremely useful for many hobby tasks. They come in a package of two and both have padded tips to ensure small parts or delicate wires will not be damaged. The tools measure just over 3-1/2" in length with solid brass handles oven-soldered to the clips. Some examples of various different uses for these little tools can be found by clicking on Uses in the More Info table above. We're sure you will find these to be a handy addition to your hobby toolbox.
This handy little tool, safely yet firmly holds all of our LEDs - even our tiny Nanos, with a second padded clip to hold wire for precise positioning during soldering operations. Using this tool greatly simplifies LED preparation, making reliably wired LEDs a straightforward and less tedious process. Any bench vise, forceps, spring-clamp or even a clothes-pin will hold this tool on the workbench. Click on the "Using the Tool" link in the More Info table above for the complete step-by-step procedure using this tool.
These all-metal fixtures are designed to greatly simplify fabrication of both the gooseneck shaped tubes that are such recognizable features of that style of building light, and the curved neck top tubes of those  classic streetlights. When multiple lights are needed, these tools will ensure bending shape consistency to give the most prototypical appearance. Click on the "Using ..." links in the More Info table above for the complete step-by-step procedures for use of these tools.

We offer a variety of building and street lighting kits with several different LED color choices to support different modeling eras. Those kits can be found here. These tools are excellent companions for those kits.
This syringe is the Monoject #412 made by Kendall. It has a long curved tip that allows for easy access to tight places and a small (.028") diameter tip orifice for precise dispensing control. The tip can easily be trimmed for larger diameter to dispense thicker materials or higher volume. This syringe can be used for dispensing a wide variety of materials, such as: glues or other adhesives, caulking, oils, grease, cleaners, soldering flux, etc. At 12cc (.4 oz.) capacity, it will hold plenty of material.
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LED Tester N8021
Automatic LED current control
This little tester can test any 20ma LED (any color) without the need for a current limiting resistor. Just snap the test on a standard 9-volt battery and start testing. Accidental reverse connection will not harm LED. Accidental shorting of test clips will not harm tester. Includes on-board solder pads (with holes) for resistors to experiment with LED brightness changes. Can also be used as a simple power source for small lighting projects.

The N8200 LED Planner is a portable battery powered light source intended to provide the hands-on ability to choose LED color, LED size and appropriate LED intensity levels that are suitable for various modeling projects to maximize realistic appearance.

The Planner measures 3-1/2" x 6-1/2". It includes 20 of our most popular LEDs in various sizes and a wide range of colors with controls for LED selection and 7 different levels of brightness for each LED. The LEDs are mounted along the two long-edges of the board. This allows moving a chosen LED into close proximity with a modeling project to observe its appearance as it relates to size, color and brightness.

Please see the More Info table above for links to more detailed information.