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Below is a linking button that will take you to our Sound Effect Library. Please be patient as the Library page is loading, it will take a bit of time (depending on your Internet connection speed). The Library is created using HTML5 Audio and JavaScript. What this means is that all audio samples will be totally available once the page is fully loaded, and... no special browser plug-ins are required. Both WAV and MP3 formats are native to the Library so essentially any browser can play them. To date, this includes:

Just like our Lighting effects products, Little Sounds is 100% manufactured, programmed and tested right here in Washington State, USA

Choose the correct Power Supply for your application. Click here for info.

Warranty: All Little Sound and Little Bigger Sound products are covered by a full one-year guarantee from the date of purchase to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Warranty repair or replacement should be returned to the address below accompanied by a copy of a receipt showing date of purchase. All returned product should be packaged to prevent in-transit damage. Product subjected to excessive voltage or heat damage will void warranty coverage.


20024 NE Bridlewood Road

Battle Ground, WA 98604

Ooops Coverage: During the first 90 days from date of purchase, should a sound circuit board, or amplifier product get accidentally damaged, we will repair or replace it for a flat $9.00 fee (plus return shipping costs). All returned product should be packaged to prevent in-transit damage.

N8300-XXX   $19.25    Little Sounds with 1/2-watt output and N8315 (15 x 24mm oval) speaker.
N8301-XXX $19.75    Little Sounds with 1/2-watt output and N8328 (28mm round) speaker.
N8400 $12.95    Little Sounds upgrade to Little Bigger Sounds (requires reprogramming of module)
N8500-XXX $30.45    Little Bigger Sounds with 1-1/2-watt amplifier and N8315 speaker.
N8501-XXX $30.95    Little Bigger Sounds with 1-1/2-watt amplifier and N8328 speaker.
N8502-XXX $36.95    Little Bigger Sounds with 1-1/2-watt amplifier and N8352 (52mm round) speaker.
N8503-XXX $22.95    Little Bigger Sounds configured for output to any standard external amplifier.
When ordering, the -XXX part number suffix is replaced by a 3-digit sound effect item number

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Visiting our Sound Effect Library...

Selecting the right product

Product overview

In keeping with our goal to be innovative, Ngineering is delighted to announce our newest product family,  Little Sounds. With over 1-1/2 years in development, we chose the product name for 3 reasons:

1. For reasons of scale, we believe realistic sound effects should draw you in, not push you away. After  discussions with many, many hobbyists, the general consensus seems to be that sound effects are typically way too loud. Example: At a 10-foot distance, you are 1/6 of an HO mile away. How noticeable would a sound really be? In N scale that would be over 1/4 of a mile!

2. Our Little Sound module is only 1.38" long x 0.60" wide x 0.25" high, with up to 5-minutes of pre-recorded 16-bit digital sound. It will fit just about anywhere.

3. Our basic N8300 & N8301 Little Sound modules with a pre-recorded sound effect, and speaker sell for less than $20.

And... to support larger scales and/or environments with background noise, we are also pleased to announce Little Bigger Sounds as a supplementary product family (at a slightly bigger price). This product uses the same Little Sound module reprogrammed to provide direct audio output to our external 1.5-Watt Amplifier module, to boost output. This amplifier is included in the package. Little Bigger Sounds (N8500, N8501 & N8502) are available with 3 different speaker sizes. N8503 is our Sound module configured for output to any standard amplifier. Included in the package is a volume control potentiometer (with knob) and a 10uf electrolytic filter capacitor.
All products have on-board input voltage regulation and volume control (the N8503 has an external volume control)..

The N8300 and N8301 products are programmed to directly drive a small 8-ohm speaker. Typical audio output from the internal 1/2-watt amplifier is in the range of 40-60 dB (about the sound level of two people very quietly talking). These products are best suited for home layouts or dioramas in a quiet environment. Typical modeling scales are Z, N HO and S where the effect will be at the front of the layout or diorama and close to the observer.

The N8300 includes the 15 x 24mm oval speaker that is well suited for small-scale rolling stock or very tight modeling situations. This oval speaker is like the ones used in cell phones and has surprising tonal quality.

The N8301 includes a larger 28mm (about 1.10" diameter) round speaker which has  greater dynamic range and is better for general stationary sound effects in quiet environments.

N8400 is an upgrade from Little Sounds to Little Bigger Sounds. For those applications where the Little Sound module just doesn't quite produce enough audio volume, we will reprogram the sound processor chip on the module for external (DAC) output to function with our external 1-1/2-watt amplifier. The customer unsolders the module(s) and returns it(them) to us. In turn, we will cleanup the solder pads and reprogram and retest the module(s) and repackage as a Little Bigger Sound version with the N8415 Amplifier included in the package. This upgrade can be ordered by clicking on the Sound Accessories button below and then scroll down to the Upgrade item and select the quantity to upgrade in the Cart window. Proceed to checkout as normal. Or, click here.

The N8500 includes the 15 x 24mm speaker and will output substantially more (85+ dB) audio sound due to the addition of the 1.5-watt amplifier. The sound module is programmed specifically to output audio DAC (digital to analog conversion) for input to the external amplifier. With careful component placement, the sound module and amplifier module and speaker with speaker box can be placed inside an N scale boxcar (with track pickup rectification and flicker control capacitors), for operation in a noisy (train show) environment. See details here.

The N8501 with the 28mm round speaker and amplifier will perform well for stationary sound effects in HO and O scales and club layouts or layouts in public venues where there is background noise or the effect is placed at a distance of 4 feet or greater from the observer.

The N8502 with the 52mm round speaker has exceptional dynamic range for its 2.10" diameter and is intended for  big sound effects (a thunderstorm at the back of a layout, or a sawmill on display). It is also well suited for garden scale railroading.

The N8503 is our Little Sound module configured for Bigger Sound DAC output to a standard amplifier input and includes an external volume control with filter capacitor. This configuration will allow connection to large amplifiers for applications requiring high output volume.

                                     Custom Sound Effects Programming
In addition to our large sound effect library that is constantly expanding, we offer custom sound effects programming for a nominal additional fee (usually $10 to $15 extra). Custom sound effects can be programmed onto any of the above products and are only limited by three basic requirements:

1. Nothing rude or lascivious (avoids lawsuits and angry wives).

2. Maximum length of sound file is 5 minutes (available space of program memory).

3. Sound files should be in .WAV, .MP3 or .M4A format and should be emailed to [email protected] with
    a short description and the product type it is to be programmed onto. Please provide your name and phone     
    number and so we can follow-up with exact programming charge and payment information.

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