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Desc. Item# Cart Price
 52mm Speaker  N8352
Desc. Item# Cart Price
15x24mm Speaker  N8315
Desc. Item# Cart Price
Ext. Amp. adapter Kit  N8504
Desc. Item# Cart Price
Pre-wire Little Sounds N8402
Pre-wire Little Bigger Sounds N8403
Desc. Item# Cart Price
Little Sounds Upgrade  N8400
Desc. Item# Cart Price
1.5-Watt Amplifier  N8415
If you need an small speaker with good frequency response, our little oval gem is an excellent choice. It has the standard 8-ohm impedance so it will work with most sound applications/amplifier outputs. While it is spec'd at a maximum input power of 1 Watt, we have tested it for varying (not continuous) power inputs up to 1-1/2-watt with no noticeable performance degradation. This speaker is ideal for N scale rolling stock applications, or anywhere that limited space is an issue. The speaker includes a peel-off sticky mounting ring that lets it easily bond securely to any smooth mounting surface.
Desc. Item# Cart Price
 Sound Tube  N8405
Desc. Item# Cart Price
 28mm Speaker  N8328

  N850X external amplifier adapter Kit
  Pre-wiring Little Sounds or Little Bigger Sounds
  Upgrade Little Sounds to Little Bigger Sounds
     1.5-Watt Amplifier
   52mm (2.1") Speaker
  Sound focusing Tube
  28mm (1.10") Speaker
    15 x 24mm Speaker








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Wiring diagram
More Info


For applications where larger sound output is needed, this 28mm (1.10" diameter) speaker is perfect for small to mid size scale situations. Perfect for stationary sound effects in the smaller to mid-scales and excellent performance in HO rolling stock applications. It can easily handle 1-1/2-Watts of power continuously. Like the speaker above, it is manufactured using a highly efficient rare-earth magnet which greatly enhances performance while keeping overall size to a minimum. It also has a peel-off  sticky mounting ring for easy installation, and protective metal speaker cone guard and screen.



























Also manufactured with a high-efficiency rare-earth magnet, this little 2.1" diameter speaker provides absolutely incredible sound output quality. It includes a very pliable speaker cone mounting ring to allow the cone maximum excursion to produce those deep base sounds (such as a thunder storm) and a secondary voice-coil suspension ring to maintain perfect coil alignment during those low-frequency large sounds. This speaker is a perfect choice for very large scale rolling stock applications, or situations where a "big" sound is required.
Our Sound Focusing Tube provides a simple solution to the problem of out-of-phase speaker sound cancellation and actually increases sound output by 4 to 5 times compared to a speaker that is not phase shielded. Our tube is fabricated from a 3" section of 3/4" diameter PVC pipe with polished ends. Click on the Using link in the More Info table above (next to the picture) for complete details
This Kit provides the components and wire necessary to adapt our Little Bigger Sounds sound board to an external (generic) amplifier. This will allow our sound effect to be play through a much larger or commercial amplifier and speakers to support the widest range of audio output possible.
This is an upgrade from Little Sounds (N8300-XXX/N8301-XXX) to Little Bigger Sounds (N8500-XXX/N8501-XXX). It is intended for those applications where the Little Sound module just doesn't quite produce enough audio volume. We will reprogram the sound processor chip on the module for external (DAC) output to function with our external 1-1/2-watt amplifier. The customer unsolders the module(s) and returns it(them) to us. In turn, we will cleanup the solder pads and reprogram and retest the module(s) and repackage it as a Little Bigger Sound version with the N8415 Amplifier included in the package.

We even give you a break on the Amplifier price and do the cleanup, reprogramming and repackaging at no charge. What a deal...
We offer this service to our customers that are either don't have the delicate soldering equipment to attach our small wires to the sound modules or simply don't wish to do it. We will strip and tin both ends of all wires included in the package, pre-tin the appropriate solder pads, attach the wires and re-test the completed assembly. Pre-wiring Little Bigger Sounds includes wiring and testing the included amplifier module. In all cases we add the 6-inch speaker wires to the modules but do not attach the speaker, in case the customer wishes to extend those wires to remotely locate the speaker.
This little circuit is the backbone of our Little Bigger Sound family of products. When our Little Sound module is alternately programmed to provide DAC (digital to analog converted) sound output, this little jewel takes that signal and provides very clean and distortion free amplification of 1-1/2 Watts to an 8-ohm speaker. Unlike a typical Class AB amplifier, this circuit meets Class D amplifier specifications and doesn't require large (typically 250uf or greater) capacitors on the speaker outputs. As a result, it can fit in applications where space is very limited, but good performance is required.

 DCC Trak-Pak

 Proximity Detector w/adjustable range

© 2020 Ngineering

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Item# Cart Price


Item# Cart Price


Our N8600 Proximity Detector uses transmitter and receiver sensors with a very narrow 15 degree detection angle to locate object position and movement. The output from these sensors is processed through Ngineering’s proprietary electronics to compare the signal to an adjustable precision reference voltage. A knob is provided for this adjustment. This provides precision adjustment of detector range to within 1-1/2 inch accuracy in distance. An LED indicator establishes a visual “trigger” position for detection distance setup. Once the distance is set, objects from that distance down to 3 inches will be detected. Objects beyond that setting will be ignored. A small slide switch is provided for selection of two basic range modes: 3 inches to 3 feet, and 3 inches to 10 feet. A sturdy PVC mounting bracket is provided for easy installation.

For specifications, setup and use details, click on the links in More Info table above.

The DCC Trak-Pak combines several of our products to provide easy adaptation of our lighting or sound effects to rolling stock for Z, N and HO scales. A complete list of what's included can be found by clicking on the Contents link in the More Info table above. We have used this product in an N scale cattle car to demonstrate our Little Bigger Sounds effect for cows, using our sound board, amplifier board and speaker, all located inside the car, running on track power. The effect is quite dynamic. To see the details of this installation, click on the Example of use link in More Info above. The Using link above completely covers adaptation and installation.
Now you can have special effects like lighting and sound turn on as you walk around your layout, display or diorama.
... Hundreds of uses ...

Lightning effects Kit
Desc. Item# Cart Price
Lightning Kit NK030
NK030 Lightning & N8502-030 Thunderstorm NK031
This Lightning effects Kit is specifically designed to operate in conjunction with our N8501-030 or N8502-030 Thunderstorm Little Bigger Sound effect. However, it can be operated as a stand-alone Lightning effect. The two LEDs includes in this kit are very high-intensity 300 lumen (about 600,000 mcd) output. Therefore, they should be mounted for INDIRECT (reflective) viewing. Any prolonged direct viewing can cause eye damage. To get complete information about this kit and how to connect it, please click on the links in the More Info table above.

Also, if the NK030 Lightning effect Kit and the N8502-030 Thunderstorm Little Bigger Sounds are purchased together (NK031 above) we offer them at a discounted price of $62.75. This represents a 12+% savings over purchasing them separately.

Very high-intensity LEDs