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Ngineering is proud to offer a diverse collection of photo-etched products that are of unsurpassed quality and incredible detail. Imported from Scale Link Ltd. of Dorset, England, these precision etched brass and stainless steel sheets (frets) are truly unique in concept. We believe they will allow hobbyists to create a new level of detail in their dioramas, scenery and structures that was heretofore unavailable.


Ngineering is currently working on additional products that will be custom-etched by Scale Link Ltd. and it is our plan to continue to expand this product line. We welcome your comments and encourage your suggestions.

2022 Ngineering



Photo-etched Products

Decor    ...new ideas and unbelievable detail

Industrial    ...DPM dress-up, and more...

Fencing & Railing    ...lots of choices and long runs

Bare Tree Frames    ...Z scale too!

Foliage    ...a REALISTIC alternative

Micro Mesh    ...rigid screen??  Lot of uses...









Get ready for EYE POPPING detail!!!

Decor     ...beautifully detailed