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Industrial Windows &

Vents w/Brick Molding


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This over-sized fret contains a large assortment of highly detailed Georgian-style windows and vents commonly used in brick train stations, warehouses, factories, and roundhouses built in the early 1900's. Also included are arched brick cornices with key-stones for placement above the arched window and vent openings. These are especially attractive when used in conjunction with a section of brick wall with an opening cut to accept the window or vent, such as DPM's Modular Wall System.




Ladders, Step Ladders and Scaffolds



This is a very complete assortment of ladders. There are 10, 50-foot lengths of industrial ladder in 2 groups of 2 different widths, various foldable step ladders, leaning ladders and 3 scaffold assemblies complete with side-rails. The scaffolds are of the type you would see being used by window washers or painters on buildings. The ladder rungs are etched to an extremely fine width giving them a very prototypical N-Scale appearance. Extension ladders can also be easily produced by following the included instructions.
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2008 Ngineering


Photo-etched Industrial Items