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Please note: Tips are not included with the soldering iron. They must be ordered separately.





When you're soldering on a small scale this 12 watt miniature soldering iron is the answer. Lightweight with a flexible cord this iron is only slightly larger in diameter than an ordinary pencil and not as long. Shown here with a needle tip (sold separately), don't let its size fool you. Made by Antex Corp., this industrial grade iron is used in many manufacturing assembly lines for soldering and rework of tiny electrical components. The design is unique with a replaceable heating element that puts all of heat at the front of the element under the tip for optimal thermal efficiency (45 second heat-up time compared to 2-3 minutes for most irons). This also shortens the distance from your fingers to the tip giving greater control. The slide-on tips are easy to change.



Soldering Iron Stand
This solder flux is very low viscosity so it easily and quickly flows in and around all surfaces requiring fluxing in preparation for soldering. It's excellent fluxing properties product shiny, smooth solder joints of the highest quality. We have tested many different solder fluxes and found this product to produce the most uniform results with the major benefit of leaving NO residue, requiring NO cleanup. It is packaged in a handy 1/2 oz. dispensing bottle with a Luer-Lock® Cap and includes a mating Luer-Lock® Stopper, and a 27 Gauge (0.016" OD) blunt needle with a Luer-Lock® base. The needle is 0.008" inside diameter to produce very tiny droplets of flux for soldering small, delicate parts.
This stand features a spring holder that accepts the miniature iron and provides sufficient air-flow to rapidly dissipate heat. Mounted in a non-charring plastic sponge tray with a generous sized sponge with center hole to collect excess solder. It has knockout holes for permanent mounting.
Desc. Item# Cart Price
Stand with sponge N40T4
Replacement Parts:
Desc. Item# Cart Price
Iron heating element N40E2
Replacement sponge N40S1
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The bare copper Needle Tip shown above has a true needle point allowing work in the tiniest places. This tip can be resharpened as it wears then retinned for use. The iron clad and nickel plated version is slightly more blunt (due to the plating buildup), but only slightly. The iron clad versions are the premium grade tips providing extra long life. These tips should not be sanded or reshaped to prevent damage to the iron cladding. The nickel plated tips are a less expensive version that offer better corrosion protection and wetting (tinning) than bare copper.  




Soldering Tip Tinner/Cleaner


Desc. Item# Cart Price
Tip Cleaner N4095


The manufacture of this tip cleaner has been purchased by a large retail sales firm and has almost tripled the price. As a result, we have limited stock remaining. However, we have purchased an identical replacement made by Multicore® and will have stock of that product for the next 6-8 months or more.



Desc. Item# Cart Price
No-clean Soldering Flux N4500
Desc. Item# Cart Price
Low-temp Silver Solder N4200







Kester's Electronic Silver Solder is our choice:
  • A low-temperature solder for minimal thermal shock to our products.

  • Alloy composition for good flow and bonding to copper, brass, and nickel-silver materials, and gold, silver, or tin plated contacts and solder pads.

  • Small wire solder diameter with rosin flux core.

It has a unique blend of 62% tin, 36% lead, and 2% silver alloy with a rosin flux core. The .020" diameter is well-suited for close part spacing and small surface-mounted components. Its very low melting point of 179 -189°C (354 - 372°F) makes it ideal for soldering our LEDs and an excellent choice for other heat-sensitive components like DCC decoders.

Note: The supplier that provided this solder in the (old package shown above) dispensing tube recently tripled their price to us, resulting in a product that would be drastically overpriced for anyone. Therefore, we have purchased directly from Kester a very large quantity of the very same solder in bulk and are repackaging it ourselves on a small spool. Bottom line: you get (about 3 feet) more of the exact same solder at the same price!




No-clean Liquid Soldering Flux
Low-temperature Silver-bearing Solder

Desc. Type Item# Cart Price
Needle Tip Iron clad & nickel plated N408I
Needle Tip Unplated (bare copper) N408X
Spade Tip Iron clad & nickel plated N409I
Chisel Tip Iron clad & nickel plated N410I
Chisel Tip

 Needle Tip

Spade Tip
Desc. Item# Cart Price
 12 watt Iron  N40M2
Soldering Aids
Miniature Soldering Iron