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          Helpfil hints for using the N40M2 Soldering Iron


1. The N40M2 iron is only a 12-watt iron. It cannot do large soldering jobs like soldering track and the tips are not large enough to sink enough heat for bigger jobs.

 2. The iron's tip temperature is 316 - 343 Deg. C (600 - 650 Deg F). This is not not sufficient to remove the insulation from our N5038 magnet wire. That requires an iron of about 35-40 Watts with a tip temperature of 400 deg.C (752 deg.F) or greater.

3. All of our tips (except the N408X) are iron-clad with a nickel overcoat. The FIRST TIME they’re used, solder should be applied to the tip AS IT IS HEATING UP to prevent any oxidation of the nickel. The solder will immediately take to the tip and block and oxidation. These tips should never be “scrubbed” with any abrasive material, even a brass coil cleaner.

4. After the tip is fully up to temperature with a good coat of solder, frequent wiping on a damp sponge will keep it clean, then re-tin the tip.

5. When completing your soldering project ALWAYS wipe the tip on a damp sponge and re-tin before un-plugging the iron. This will make it ready for the next project.

6. As time passes and several soldering projects are completed the tip may develope a varnish-like brown coating on the surface. This is caused by the rosin flux in most solders that will bake on the tip over time. The easiest (and safest) method to remove this varnish coating is to use our N4095 Tip Cleaner. With the iron fully up to temperature, plunge the tip into the paste-like tip cleaner and alow it to "boil" around the tip for 10-15 seconds. Then wipe the tip on a damp sponge. The tip will be clean and re-tinned and ready for use.

7. Un-plug the iron if it will not be in use for more than one hour. This will greatly extend the life of the heating element.

8. Finally, before plugging in the iron for its next use, rotate the tip 1/4 turn on the heating element. This will maintain the best mechanical contact for best heat transfer to the tip.






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