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          Helpfil hints for using the N4500 Soldering Flux


1. This soldering flux provides excellent fluxing for smooth & shiny solder joints, requires no cleaning and leaves no residue. Evaporates very quickly.

 2.  Hold bottle upright and twist white stopper counter-clockwise to remove from black cap.

3. Insert blunt 0.015 needle into black cap and twist clockwise to seal needle to cap.

4. Tip & gently squeeze bottle, a droplet of flux will form at needle tip. Touch droplet to area to be soldered. This process should be done just as the point to be soldered is prepared and ready for soldering. Place the flux on the solder joint and immediately solder the joint while the flux has not yet evaporated. A slight "sizzling" sound will be heard as the hot solder causes the joint to be properly fluxed and the solder flows creating a shiny & smooth solder joint.

5. Remove needle from bottle cap & replace stopper when not in use.

6. Store in cool, dry environment. Do not refrigerate.






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