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How to use this page: Each product below includes 3 images. A thumbnail picture (shown), a larger-than-life view, and a close-up sample of detail. Click on the thumbnail image to see the large view or click on Detail (under More info) to see the close-up view. Select your browser's "Back" button to return to this page from either view.




Dial-up Internet service users note: Please be patient. The Large and Detail views of the following products contain image sizes large enough to cause a noticeable download delay. Every effort has been made to maximize compression of these images (in some cases more than 55%) to speed the download process while still maintaining reasonable image quality. We hope you'll agree the wait was worth it.


Ultra-fine Square Mesh



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We weren't exactly sure how to show you a picture of this etched stainless steel mesh that would be representative. We settled for a scanned image of it laying on top of a magazine picture (March 2004 MAINLINE Modeler). It's not nearly as good as seeing it in person, but you get the general idea of the transparency. Click on the Detail button above for more images. This material is perfect for those modeling situations where you need to suggest screen, fine grating, or grillwork and need good structural integrity. It can be formed and will maintain shape. This fret measures 3" x 4" with an actual mesh area of 10.64 Sq. inches.

We used a tiny piece to make the screen for an screen door for a building and it looks great because it allows plenty of light to show through (in N-Scale, no screen material is truly to scale). Being etched stainless rather than wire cloth, we were able to create a very fine frame out of styrene and the everything remained flat and straight even when suspended from one edge. That's the main advantage to this etched product over fine-mesh wire cloth. You can cut really small sections and it remains totally flat and straight. Also, it won't unravel so it's easy to work with and bond into place.

2008 Ngineering












Ultra-fine Diagonal Mesh


This fret is just like the one above only the mesh is organized diagonally. Perfect for venting, grillwork and if painted a rust brown, highly detailed lattice work. Many of the earlier switchers had this style screen in front of their forward-facing cooling fans. Easily make realistic appearing air-conditioning grills. Adds terrific detail to floor drain plating and catwalks in all kinds of industry. Take super-detailing to the next level and make real see-through steps and walkways for your rolling stock and locomotives. The possibilities are endless.
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