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Photo-etched Decor



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Ornate Cast-iron Tables,

Chairs and Benches

Fancy Clock Faces, Weather Vanes and Signs


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This superbly detailed fret also contains two duplicate sections of  fancy cast-iron style furniture. The tables and chairs are often seen in outdoor restaurant and cafe areas or as up-scale patio or deck furniture. The 2 styles of benches are common to many areas including sidewalk settings, businesses, parks and customer waiting areas.
This brass fret is in two duplicated sections, with each containing 4 each of 3 different sized clock faces complete with separate hands. Each face is relief-etched to create raised numerals and face edge. Also included is a very ornate mounting for the largest clock face complete with fancy spacers and spires. This is typical of the type of clock seen suspended off the front of older brick bank and office buildings (1920s era) in downtown districts. An instruction sheet covering clock assembly is included.

Also on this fret are numerous weather vanes complete with distinctive decoration (cat, rooster, sunburst, etc.), various ornate sign boards for storefronts, cafes or pubs, and... several wrought-iron style plant or sign hangers. There is an amazing amount of incredibly detailed N-Scale hardware on this fret. Our pictures don't do it justice, and... there's 2 sets of everything!



2008 Ngineering





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