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In this next photo, we've slotted a piece of .060" thick styrene with our 5/8" diameter saw. These saws run so true that the slot is literally just .005" wide (the thickness of the blade). We've included a dime in the picture for scale reference.










2008 Ngineering


Shown here are some examples of slotting performed with out .005" thick saws. The first two photos are of an Atlas N-Scale telephone pole that we've slotted with our 1/2" diameter saw down its length so that lighting wires (our #38 magnet wire) can be hidden inside the pole. After the two wires are laid in the slot, the slot is filled with a diluted mixture of artist's gesso. The pole is then sanded and painted. As you can see in the photo on the right, the slot (and wires) are invisible, even in this magnified view.