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Here we used the .005" thick glass to glaze the window and door openings in a DPM modular wall section. While the compression of this JPG image (59% compression) to speedup Internet download does compromise quality somewhat, if you look closely you can see the reflection of the sidewalk expansion joints in the window, and the brick edges in the door glass. Because this glass is perfectly flat, if bonded to surfaces that have been properly prepared (lightly sanded back surfaces to flatten) reflections will appear clear and distortion-free, adding realism. This is especially noticeable in highly magnified photographs or digital images.

You'll also see a diagonal line running from the lower-left corner of the door glass up to the right. This is a crack that was caused purely by our own clumsiness. We decided to leave it and blame it on kids playing baseball in the street (it's a weathering effect impossible to achieve using clear plastic).


2008 Ngineering