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Z Streetlight Kit w/white LEDs NK018-1
Z Streetlight Kit w/Incand. LEDs NK018-2

More Info

This lighting kit includes all tubing, lampshades, wire, LEDs and information necessary to fabricate 8 (eight) streetlights just like the one shown in the picture above. This curved-neck streetlight is a replication of a very basic style that has been around for more than 75 years and is still manufactured today. It can be found in towns and cities, waterfront areas, industrial areas, trackside at train stations, parks, and residential areas. For more information about this kit please click on Details in the More Info table above. This kit provides a 15% savings compared to purchasing all of the same items in separate retail packages.

18-foot Curved-neck Streetlight

Lighting Kits
2008 Ngineering