Z-scale Streetlight Kit - NK018



Description Notes
Diagonal (side) cutters 1
6" Ruler with at least 1/16" increments 1
Dremel tool with sanding disks 1
# 80, # 77 drill bits 1&2
Pin Vise - we recommend Starrett 162-A (0-.040" opening) 1
Access to drill press (used to punch holes in lampshades)
(alternate method can use a small mallet or hammer)
Small sheet (approx. 1"x 2"x 1/8" thk) styrene, brass or aluminum   2
# 43 drill bit (.089" dia.) 3
Straight pin or needle (for flaring end of tube) 4
Matches, candle or small torch (for heating end of tube) 4
Fine grade steel wool (handy for tube cleaning) 4
2-part 5-minute or 2-ton Epoxy (any Hardware store) 5
Toothpicks & aluminum foil )to mix epoxy with/on) 5
Isopropyl or Denatured Alcohol (for parts cleaning)  
CA Adhesive (super glue)  
35-45 watt soldering iron (for wire preparation) 6
Lower temp soldering iron (12-15 watt for LED soldering) 7
Bench vise  
Hacksaw or modeler's saw (for cutting 3/16" alum tube)  
Magnifiers & good workbench lighting  












1. These tools will be used to cut the tubing and finish the ends. Details of this procedure can be found here.

2. These are used for punching holes in the lampshades. This procedure can be reviewed by clicking here.

3.  Using internal tubing support (click here for details), this item is used and a bending mandrel to curve the top of the streetlight tube.

4. Flaring of tube end is for lampshade support and bonding. This procedure can be reviewed here.

5. Two-part epoxy is preferred over CA adhesive for affixing lampshades to tubing. This procedure can be reviewed here

6. This soldering iron is used for pretinning the N5038 magnet wire (included in kit). This procedure can be reviewed here.

7. A low-temperature iron is used to solder the wires to the LEDs. This procedure can be reviewed here.



The photo on the left shows another view of the streetlight that can be built with the parts in this kit.

Following is a list of tools and supplies that will be required to build the streetlights. This list also is included with the kit.


Item# Description Qty.
N7001 N  18" Lampshade 8
N7008 N  12" Lampshade 8
N2018 0.018" Stainless Steel Tubing x 9" long 2
N2112 0.012"  Stainless Wire x 9" long 4
N2032 0.032" Stainless Steel Tubing x 9" long 1
N5038 #38 magnet Wire red & green 100 ft. each 1
N1031 or N1038 Nano white or Nano Incandescent LEDs 8
NB4530 453-ohm 1/4-watt resistor (for 12-volt DC operation) 10

2012 Ngineering

This kit includes LED current protection resistors for use with a 12-volt DC power source. If separate DC power is not available, we highly recommend our versatile NK218 LED Power Kit for $26.75.

Details and a link for purchasing the NK218 can be found by clicking here.

An itemized list of parts included in the kit is as follows: