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An Easy Cutting Method


  1. Cut oversize using diagonal (wire) cutters. This is the fastest and easiest method, but crimps the tubing end requiring steps 2 & 3 to return the ends to a clean, round, smooth appearance

  2. Sand to desired length using a Dremel sanding disk (or equiv.) WEAR EYE PROTECTION! This process goes rather quickly on the smaller tubing sizes. A diamond cutting disk or small bench grinder can  be used for the larger sizes. Follow up with the Dremel sanding disk or a sharpening stone to smooth the end.

  3. De-burr  inside diameters as follows:

            N2018 .018" tubing use #80 drill

            N2025 .025" tubing use #76 drill

            N2032U .032" tubing (w/.0025" wall) use #70 drill

            N2032 .032" tubing (w/.006" wall) use #76 drill

            N2042 .042" tubing use #65 drill

            N2050 .050" tubing use #58 drill

            N2065 .065" tubing use #54 drill

            N2083 .083" tubing use #47 drill

            N2095 .095" tubing use #44 drill

  1. De-burr outside with very fine sandpaper or an Arkansas (polishing) stone.


Alternate Cutting Method

  1. Holding the tube in a pin vise or v-block, rotate it while scoring the outer surface with a sanding disk or thin grinding cutter. REMEMBER, WEAR EYE PROTECTION!

  2. Snap the tubing at the scored groove. The groove must be of sufficient depth to allow the tube to break and not just bend or kink. With a little practice, this method works well and saves a small amount of tubing (the crimped portion that must be ground away).

  3. De-burr as in steps 3 and 4 above.


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