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Examples of uses for Strobe Lights

Locomotives: (just a few examples)

Some Amtrak F40PH's had 2 roof-mounted white strobes that flashed simultaneously.

Some original GE Dash8-32B's had three. Two Roof-mounted, white strobes at the cab corners and a red strobe in the middle.

Some BN SD40-2's had 2 white strobes mounted on the front porch like ditch lights.

Some F40C's had a single amber roof mounted strobe.

The Soo Line had several GP-35's in the 1970's & 80's with a single amber roof-mounted strobe.


Emergency, Utility and Service Vehicles:

Fire trucks. Many have a flashing strobe or two in addition to other emergency lighting.

Police car and Rescue vehicles. Same as fire trucks

Highway safety vehicles often have a single roof-top amber strobe.

Highway utility and construction vehicles (sweepers, water trucks, graders, etc.) have a roof-top amber strobe.


Airport & airplanes:

Most airport service vehicles have roof-top strobes.

Various airplanes have strobes located at various places (belly, tail, wing tips, etc.).



Roadside construction signs.

Storefronts (for eye catchers).

Forklifts and other material handling vehicles.


N8043 Strobe Combinations


Below is a list of the various combinations of strobe effects that can be produced by one N8043 Universal Strobe Simulator. Add to this, the typical variations in strobe light color (white, blue, red, yellow), and it becomes evident that this simulator will support nearly any application where strobe lights are used.


One flashing strobe light

Two strobes flashing together

Two strobes flashing alternately

Three strobes flashing together

Three strobes with two flashing together and a third alternating between the first two




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