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                              Lampshade & Escutcheon scale cross-reference


Part # Z scale (1:220) N scale (1:160) HO scale (1:87) S scale (1:64) O scale (1:48) #1 scale(1:32)
N7001 24" (L) 18" (L) 12" (L)   6" (E)  
N7002   24" (L)        
N7005     18" (L) 12" (L) 9" (L) 6"(L or E)
N7006     6" (E)      
N7007 12" (L) 8" (E)        
N7008 18" (L) 12" (L)   5" (E)    
N7009     24" (L) 18" (L) 12" (L) 8" (L)
N7035         14" (L) 9" (L)
N7026       24" (L) 18" (L) 12" (L)
N7029         24" (L) 18" (L)


  1. (L) denotes recommended use as lampshade, (E) denotes use as escutcheon or decorative wall plate.

  2. Bold type denotes default package description.

  3. If an N7007 is to be used for a 12" Z-scale lampshade, it is recommended that a .010" fiber optic strand be used to supply any lighting. This shade is too small to house any LED.















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