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Here's one of our 1/8 watt surface-mount resistors next to a typical axial-lead 1/8 watt resistor. The axial unit is about 5 times bigger (not counting the leads) but has the same power carrying capability. The size difference between our 1/4 watt resistors and their axial-lead cousins is even more dramatic.

Since the pads are pre-tinned, it's really easy to solder on our #38 magnet wire  and just as simple to solder one or more of these directly on the plus (+) lead of our bridge rectifier. If space is a major issue, you can hide them almost anywhere, and if necessary, they can be painted with acrylic paint for further disguise.

Always be sure you select the correct wattage resistor for your application. This will ensure the resistor does not overheat and  cause damage to itself or melt nearby plastic parts.


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