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                            What would Orange LEDs be used for???


Actually, we've been wrestling with this one for quite a while. But, after testing the manufacture's new bright orange, we found the color to be very pure and the intensity very bright (over 200mcd in both Micro and Nano sizes).

So... what would I use them for???

Any application where a bed of hot coals would exist, such as:



Sawdust burner

Locomotive firebox


Camp fire

Building fire

Yard burn pile

In these situations the orange LED(s) can be mounted in the lower portion of the application and dimmed to the desired intensity. If the application also has flames, our N8046 or N8047 Simulators can create that visual effect for yellow (amber) LEDs mounted higher in the application.

Some emergency lighting uses orange rather than red lighting. These are not common, but since our new orange LEDs are available in both Micro and Nano sizes, most any scale can be supported.

Attention getting color on building display signs. In the 1950s and '60s it was quite common to use various different colored light bulbs either in a row, or arranged decoratively in front of establishments like taverns, pool halls, pawn shops and the like to catch the eyes of passersby.

Non-railroad applications such as rocket exhaust or space ship modeling.











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