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Just like our Micro LEDs

only smaller yet!

The same procedure as before. If you've wired up some of our Micro LEDs, you've gained the techniques required to wire up these little guys. The solder pads are smaller still (as are the LEDs), but with good magnification (yep, here I go again...), all of the same steps apply. If you need to review the procedures, the direct links are here and here.

Just remember to be patient.

  • Make sure your wire is pre-tinned with a clean abrupt transition from the tinned portion to the insulated portion.

  • Carefully position the wire over the solder pad. We recommend our NT301 LED/wire Holding Tool for this process

  • Place a small amount of flux on the pad and tinned wire.

  • Place a very small bubble of solder on your iron tip.

  • Just touch and release this solder bubble to the pad/flux/tinned wire junction (minimum time on the junction).

  • The solder joint should appear shiny and smoothly flowed over the tinned portion of the wire with no peaks or bumps sticking up.

  • Carefully trim off the excess tinned wire that is hanging off the solder pad with a sharp scalpel or Fiskars micro scissors.

  • Any residual flux can be easily "blotted" away by sliding a cut piece of paper between the LED's solder pads. Click here for a visual explanation. 

  • Test every wired LED before you assemble it into your project.

  • If you need to color tint your wired LED, do so after it's wired and before you assemble it into your project

Those are the essentials. With a little practice, it becomes a simple procedure that is very repeatable. Take your time and you will ensure highly reliable solder connections that will not deteriorate or short out to adjacent solder pads on the LEDs


2008 Ngineering