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Here's a close-up of the smallest incandescent bulb available, the popular 1.2mm size ; and our Nano LED (on the left) wired-up with our #38 wire.

In certain model railroading situations, incandescent lighting can provide a very desirable effect. Having said that, here are a few additional considerations:

  • LEDs don't generate any appreciable heat, so they can be mounted on plastic, or tinted or painted if required.

  • They're low-power devices that don't add current draw when connected in series.

  • They have a typical life of about 30 years (based on 8 hours usage every day, year after year).

  • Using our Lighting Effects Products with our LEDs, we can simulate any effect an incandescent bulb can produce, and many (such as rapid firing and strobe effects) that bulbs cannot produce.

This does remove some serious limitations in modeling.




Here's another example of the relative size of our Nano LEDs. This photo is courtesy of John Cubbin of


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