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Mr. Fukui models a 1940's era Japanese traction railroad in HO scale. In the scene below, he used our Nano Yellow LEDs to simulate early-era incandescent lighting. The streetlight contains a Nano LED coated with epoxy to shape it like a light bulb. Very creative.


The photo to the right is of an N-scale Amtrak FP40 locomotive that was detailed by Dave MacKinnon of Details-N-Scale. The red Gyralight (between the number boards) was added using our N1032 Nano red LED. This Gyralight was turned on when FP40s were used as "pushers" (located at the rear of a train, facing car rearward).
To watch a video of this effect just click on the photo. Please allow time for the file to load.

Also, notice the two strobe lights on top of the FP40cab. Dave added these as well using our N1031 Nano super-white LEDs and our N8043 Universal Strobe Simulator to generate the effect. To see a video of the strobes in action, click here and follow the instructions to run that video.




Here's another example using a Nano red LED. Southern Pacific installed an emergency light in the nose of various locomotives (UDE light). Here one is installed above the normal headlights in this SD-45. Click anywhere on the picture to run the video of this effect.













2008 Ngineering