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N8108-XX NLA8108XX & NLD8108XX  Modules



These Simulator series' have a physical size at 1.500" (38.1 mm) x 0.600" (15.2mm) with a typical thickness of 0.100" (2.5mm)

These modules have circuitry on the top side of the board so mounting is quite simple and included with the product is a 1/2" square piece of double-sided foam adhesive.

The N8108-XX series has an on-board 5-volt DC high-precision switching regulator and can drive up to 1Amp in DC output. It supports a DC input voltage range of 7-20 volts.

This series also has on-board DC polarity protection which can be usefull for model railroaders in Analog applications that require lighting effects that operate in forward track polarity but not in reverse.

This series has an advanced on-board microcontroller that can  drive eleven outputs and one input. With this configuration, many different LED output effects are possible.

 There is also an on-board placement for twelve current limiting resistors for LED connections


The NLA8108-XX series is a Low-voltage version that uses the same high-precision switching regulator but is configured for a 3.3-volt output voltage and supports a DC input voltage range of 3.2-16 volts. This series uses the same microcontroller as the N8108XX series above.

This series also has on-board DC polarity protection which is useful in some Analog model railroading applications and because of the lower input voltage requirement, will operate at lower DC track voltages where locomotive startup voltage is an issue.


The NLD8108-XX series is also a Low-voltage product with the same 3.3-volt precision regulator. It will support DCC sound decoders that have 3.3-volt accessory outputs and... support R/C modeling applications that use 3.6-3.8 volt batteries. These can also support an input votage range of 3.2-16 volts DC.This series uses the same precision regulator and microcontroller as the NLA8108-XX above.




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