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   N8107-XX & NLD8107-XX Simulator Modules



This Simulator series has a physical size at 1.500" (38.1 mm) x 0.600" (15.2mm) with a typical thickness of 0.100" (2.5mm)

This module has circuitry on the top side of the board so mounting is quite simple and included with the product is a 1/2" square piece of double-sided foam adhesive.

This series has an on-board 5-volt DC high-precision switching regulator and can drive up to 1Amp in DC output. It supports a DC input voltage range of 7-20 volts.

This series is unique in that it has two on-board microcontrollers that can each drive 3 outputs and one input. This configuration allows two special effects to operate independently .

 There is also an on-board placement for eight current limiting resistors for LED connection.

This series does not have on-board DC input polarity protection.


The NLD8107-XX series is a Low-voltage version that uses the same high-precision switching regulator but is configured for a 3.3-volt output voltage and supports a DC input voltage range of 3.2-16 volts. It will support DCC sound decoders that have 3.3-volt accessory outputs and... support R/C modeling applications that use 3.6-3.8 volt batteries. These can also support an input votage range of 3.2-16 volts DC.This series uses the same precision regulator and microcontroller as the N8107-XX above. This series does not have on-board DC input polarity protection.




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