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         N8103-X Simulator Booster Board



Our N8103-X Simulator Booster Board is available in 3 varieties. The N8103-1 is for a single channel output, the  -2 is for a dual-channelk output, and the -3 is for a triple channel output boost. This corresponds to our N80XX Simulators with either a single, two or three outputs programmed for lighting effects.

These Booster Boards are designed to "piggy-back" a N80XX Simulator directly on the board using short jumper wires soldered to the Simulator and the Booster Board.

These Booster Boards have a 0.140" (3.6 mm) mounting hole for a #4 screw.

Our N80XX Simulators have a maximum output voltage of 5-volt DC and output current of 25ma on each of the 3 outputs. This Booster Board is designed to increase that output by a larger factor depending on the DC power supply voltage being used. For example:

With   6 volt DC supply it can support  42ma of current (2 times a simulator output)

          9 volt DC supply it can support  28ma  with higher output voltage

        12 volt DC supply it can support 21ma  with much higher output voltage

        18 volt DC supply it can support  14ma  with very much higher output voltage

While current output is reduced at higher voltages, those higher voltages allow for much larger series group(s) of LEDs to be used. Hint: LEDs in series add their device voltages together so higher available voltages allow for larger series groups.

Resistor mounting pads are located on the Booster Board for each channel. The resistors  would be needed for current protection of the LEDs being used. For more infromation on this, please go to this link




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