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             Powering Simulators or Flashers using the LED Power Distribution Board


Figures 1 & 2 show front and back views of the N8102. Details are noted by a red circled area and corresponding comments.


Powering Simulators from the Side A of the board

In certain situations, it may be convenient to use the LED Power Distribution Board as a connection point for power for our Lighting Effects Simulator products. Our Lighting Effects Simulators have their own voltage regulators on-board, so they can be directly connected to the N8102 whether it is being used with our N3512 12-volt, or our N3518 18-volt Power Supply. All that is required is connection of the + and DC power wires from the Simulator(s) be connected to the + and voltage rails on the Power Distribution Board. There are many points where wires can be attached. Figure 1 below shows several of those locations circled in red.


                                                                                        Figure 1


Powering Simulators from the Side B of the board

For side B, Simulator power wires can be connected at the points shown circled in red in figure 2 below.

                                                                                         Figure 2

Powering Super Flashers N8011 thru N8015

If you use our N8102 Distribution Board with our N3518 (18-volt Power Supply), and you want to connect one (or more) of our N8011 thru N8015 Super Flasher circuits, you will need to purchase our N9012 12-volt 150ma Voltage Regulator Kit ($1.95). The Super Flashers have a maximum rated input voltage of 16-volts. The N9012 will use the N3518 power supply's 18-volts and provide regulated 12-volts to power the Super Flasher(s). When using this kit, the DC connections for Flasher power can be the same as shown above (side A or Side B), but the + DC power connection must be the output pin of the N9012 regulator. Please refer to N9012 Installation for installation and wiring instructions.

If you use the Distribution board with a power supply of 16-volts DC or less (such as our N3512 12-volt Supply), the N9012 kit is not required.



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