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                      N801X Super Flashers



The N810X Super Flasher series has a physical size of 0.75" (19 mm) square and an maximum thickness (depending on the version) of 0.170" (4.3 mm). They have a 0.125" (3.2 mm) diameter mounting hole for #6 or #8 mounting hardware.


The N810X series of Flasher Boards consists of five types as follows:

  1. The N8011 Emergency Flasher with short flash rate of 60ms at 2Hz (2 times/sec.

  2. The N8012 Signal Flasher with a flash rate of 3/4 second and 50% duty cycle

  3. The N8013 Alternating Flasher (same timing as the N8012) with alternating outputs

  4. The N8014 Variable Rate Flasher adjustable from 30 flashes/sec. to once every 3 sec.

  5. The N8015 Variable Rate Alternating Flasher (features of both the N8013 & N8014).

Note: Please click on any of the above part numbers to link to complete product description, wiring details and video of the effect

These Flashers can support DC voltage inpus of up to 16-volts and all have DC voltage polarity protection.




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