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Note: The height dimension is from the board bottom surface to the top of the large capacitor. An additional 1/8" space under the bottom should be allowed for clearance of soldered component leads that are clipped off and protrude below the board bottom surface. Two mounting holes are provided and spacers or small fiber washers can be used to elevate the board so the clipped protruding leads cannot touch any mounting surface

Alternately, double-sided sticky foam mounting tape can be used providing the foam thickness is at least 1/8" and the adhesive is a high-strength bonding type that will not easily come loose.

The picture below shows the bottom side of the circuit board for reference. If the mounting holes are to be used, the easiest way to properly locate the holes is to simply set the circuit on the surface to be mounted and mark through the holes using a pen or pencil. These marks can then be drilled in the mounting surface for screws and nuts or self-tapping screws depending on the application.



















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