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Here's an HO storefront with with a typical gooseneck mounted over the door and a second (unpainted) lamp held next to it. The mounted lamp contains one of our Micro Super-white LEDs and the unpainted lamp has our Micro Super yellow-white LED installed.

We've taken this photo with flash and the LEDs turned off just to show the respective lamp positioning. Please excuse the shadows.


In the photo below we've turned on the lamp mounted over the door. As you can see the Micro Super-white casts a very full and realist flood of light reflecting well off the (unpainted) underside of the lampshade. The light output is very white and representative of modern commercial lighting.



Finally, we've turned off the mounted lamp and turned on the unpainted gooseneck lamp positioned temporarily to the right. As you can see, the color output of the Micro Super yellow-white LED produces a very warm flood of light. While the brightness level is as intense as the Super-white, the spectral output is representative of early era tungsten filament and gas lighting. It is also excellent for interior residential structural lighting, steam era stuff, all kinds of applications.

...How about a flicker circuit for a fireplace light and maybe a low-level room light using the Micro Super-white. The combination should be a dazzling eye catcher.



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