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Here, a lampshade has been drilled with a #80 drill to accept a segment of .010" fiber optic filament. The filament was cold-formed over a piece of small brass rod to produce the curved shape. Prior to sliding on the shade, the filament end was dipped in Plaid Enterprises, Inc. Gallery Glass to produce the light bulb shape. We used their Amber color and their Crystal Clear to achieve an incandescent light color. The other end of the filament protrudes through the wall and butts up to one of our 2X3 LEDs for a light source. Notice the escutcheon against the wall where the filament goes into the wall. This gives the lamp the correct appearance and hides any irregularity in the hole through the wall. The left photo was taken with camera flash on and LED off. On the right the LED is on and no camera flash, just ambient room light.




Here, a shade has been drilled with a #77 drill to slide over a piece of our .018" tubing (which was flared slightly at the end). A tiny dab of 5-minute clear epoxy holds the shade firm. In this application we wanted a bright light source so we wired up one of our Micro LEDs and slipped it up through the tubing and near the bottom of the shade.


Here's an example of an escutcheon (where arrow is pointing) on a  goose-neck type lamp that is typical to so many railroad and industrial areas. It nicely covers the hole through the brick wall. This lamp was made using our .018" tubing and scale 18" lampshade with our Micro super-white LED mounted inside. If the tubing were curved a little further, the lamp would look great shining on a billboard somewhere. Inverted, without the LED and wiring, and mounted lower on the wall, it looks just like an old-fashioned drinking fountain. Lots of possibilities...


2008 Ngineering