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Adding the effect of hot coals for the N8046 and N8047

In the link for connecting these Simulators it shows how to wire for either one, or two yellow LEDs to simulate the fire effect. In addition to this effect we can now add one extra LED to product the light of hot coals. We now carry orange LEDs in both Micro and Nano sizes and they produce a bright output that very closely match the color of hot coals. Since in any fire situation that is created by burning combustible material such as wood or coal, there is a layer beneath the flames of the fire that glows with a deeper orange color. By adding an orange LED to either of these circuits and positioning the LED appropriately, an orange light can be seen in addition to the yellow (actively changing) LED representing the fire's flames. This will add additional realism to the effect.

Figure 1 below show where to add this additional (orange) LED and the appropriate resistor(s) needed for current protection.

                                Figure 1

The reason we show using two 100Ω resistors, is that they are included with the N8046 and N8047 products. The "default" wiring for these products is to use two yellow LEDs wired in series. In that case the two 100Ω resistors are available for use to provide current protection for the added orange LED.

If the application is in a smaller scale or lower light-level environment, then one yellow LED can be used and one of the 100Ω resistors is added in series with the LED to provide current protection. In this situation, the one remaining 100Ω resistor is not sufficient current protection for the added orange LED. The orange LED must have at least 150 ohms in series with it to protect the LED. The spare 100Ω can be used but an additional minimum of 50 ohms must be added in series.











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