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                 Connecting the NK8033-12 GyraLight for 12-volt DC operation


This kit includes a pre-programmed simulator and a 1-channel N8103A-1 Super Booster board with the simulator installed on it and one high-intensity (300 lumen) 1-watt 12-volt white LED with wired socket, plus power wires. A 1/2-inch square double-sided adhesive foam pad is included for mounting the booster board.

This Lightning effect produces an output of varying intensity to simulate the changing shine of a moving Mars Light

Connecting this kit for operation:

Figure 1 below shows the layout of the N8301A-1 Super Booster board with the Gyra light effect Simulator board mounted on it (small board on the left side. Also, attached to the Booster board are 4 wires A red wire is soldered to the +DC IN solder point (just above the left-side of the Simulator board, and a black wire soldered to the –DC IN point just below the Simulator board. These are the power input connections. This kit is designed for a  power source of 12-volt DC and the DC voltage should be well filtered and regulated.



Booster channel 1 output solder points are labeled 1C and 1A.

A second red wire is soldered to 1A . This is the + output that is to be connected to the (+) LED ANODE. A second black wire is soldered to 1C. This is the – output that is to be connected to the (–) LED CATHODE.

Depending on  available space, it is possible that this Booster circuit may be needed to be located remotely from the Gyra Light LED opening in the front of the locomotive. If this is the case, extension wires of at least  26AWG can be added with a maximum of 6 feet in length without any problem.

Included in this kit is a small double-sided foam adhesive pad that can be attached to the back of the Booster board, allowing it to be located easily in a convenient location.

This completes connection of the NK033-12 kit. It is recommended that a thorough re-inspection of all connections and module placement be performed prior to applying power. We hope you enjoy the added realism our module provides.


                                                       Figure 1

 Should you need assistance, please contact: nsupport@ngineering.com       




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