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Here's one of Kato's Amtrak Phase IV Superliners with their lighting kit hood installed (right end of car). The great thing about the design of these cars is the two center slots between the seats that allow overhead reflected light to shine through to the lower level. Some of their cars have lots of windows on the lower level allowing easy viewing of added interior detail that can be shown off with good lighting. This car also has 800μf of "anti-flicker" capacitance and a bridge rectifier. When it's wired it'll work great on DCC also (something Kato warns against with their stock lighting kit). Can you see them?


Here they are!


There's plenty of room for wiring and the resistor we'll add for the 2x3 LED we'll replace Kato's bulb with. The LED will make the interior lighting color much more prototypical. Normally, 600μf of capacitance should be sufficient for reasonable flicker control, but we've added two more (making the total 800μf) just to prove a point. All of the interior of the car is available for detailing (people, luggage, etc) and painting. There's a smaller cavity at the other end of the car that could house more goodies.

Kato Amtrak Superliners right out of the box.

And with our modification to the Kato lighting kit



2008 Ngineering