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Standard DIP rectifier in background

 Fairchild's little powerhouse in front


Here's our bridge rectifier and one of our tantalum capacitors next to an N-Scale Atlas caboose for size comparison. If the bridge terminals were folded under the device, it would be smaller than the caboose's toolbox. The real beauty of these miniature components can be appreciated in the following scenarios:


  1. You have a piece of rolling stock that needs lighting but for whatever reason you cannot or don't want to put your lighting components inside the car. The extreme example would be an EOT device on a flatcar (there is no "inside"). An option might be to try to hide stuff in the undercarriage. Our bridge rectifier is easy to hide. In many cases, the capacitors, (wired in parallel to achieve the amount of "flicker protection" desired) can be strategically placed and painted dark for concealment. In the case of the flatcar example, they could also be hidden inside a shipment load place on the flatcar deck. With ordinary bridge rectifiers and typical capacitors, this isn't even an option.
  2. You've detailed out a caboose or great looking maintenance-of-way item and want to light the interior to show off the details. With our tiny products, it may be possible to hide them in the car interior out of view and still see all the detail. With ordinary bridge rectifiers and typical capacitors, this isn't an option.


2008 Ngineering