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Here are our 2x3 Super LEDs side-by-side. We're using a neutral gray background, no filter on our digital camera, and the photo has not been enhanced or retouched in any way. We used fill-in flash when taking the photo to prevent too much contrast "bloom", but even with that, the light sources are so bright that the camera resolves them as circular "dots" of light.

As you can see, our Super-white LED (on left) produces a very pure-white light output. Our new Super-incandescent LED (on right) produces the color output typical of a tungsten filament (incandescent) light source.



Below is an example of our N1022C high-intensity Super-incandescent LED mounted up under the lampshade of an HO streetlight. Notice the warm incandescent color and how much light floods down from this LED. Even when viewed in normal room lighting, shadows from the lamp pole and gooseneck lamp are seen on the building front.


2008 Ngineering