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The photo above shows a night view of two bays of an 8-bay 1:32 scale slot car pit shed. This model built by Paul Coon (also an avid N-scale hobbyist) is highly detailed and each bay is lit entirely by the scale ceiling lights shown here. These ceiling lights are made with our N7026 Lampshades (12" diameter in 1:32 scale), N2032U tubing (1" scale conduit in 1:32), and lit using our N1022C High-intensity Incandescent LEDs.

Below shows further detail of these lights. Paul took many pictures during the lighting of this project and we are grateful for allowing us to use them





At left is a shade with hole punched for the tubing and one assembled with the tubing epoxied in place. The wired LED fits nicely way up inside the shade and produces an excellent flood of light. The two smaller lampshades are N7005 (6" in 1:32). One of these will be joined with our N2018 tubing (approx. 1/2" tube in 1:32) and made into a desk lamp for the timing shed located on top of the pit bays. This desk lamp will be lit using our N1011 Micro super-white LED (shown in purple circle).

Below is a picture of the timing shed.





























The desk lamp can be seen inside the shed. Notice an additional outside light next to the door. This was made using the same parts as the 8 lights inside the pit area. The tubing was bent (prior to epoxying the shade in place) by rolling the tube around a threaded bolt. Forcing the tube into the "V" of the threads, prevents the tube from collapsing as it bends. In total the project has 11 lights. All are wired to one of our N8102 LED Power Distribution Boards. The on-board current sources eliminate the need for resistors to current-protect the LEDs. Power is provided by our N3518 Regulated Switching Power Supply.
Finally, below is an overall view of Paul's terrific looking slot car pit area, complete with a car ready for service.















2008 Ngineering