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Here's another example of the .042" tubing being used as the main 4" pole of an HO curved-neck streetlight.



2008 Ngineering



Here's a flagpole we're making using 1" lengths of our .012" stainless wire, .018" tubing, and .032" tubing, and a 3/4" length of our .042" tubing.

We inserted the wire, .018" and .032" tubes into each other so 3/4" (10 N-Scale feet) protrudes and cemented them in place using a tiny droplet of ultra-thin CA adhesive. We then cemented the .042" diameter tube over the .032" tube at the 3/4' point.

Next we'll cement a small drilled bead on the end of the .012" wire and airbrush the whole thing with Poly Scale Reefer White.

Voila !!  A very quick, absolutely smooth and straight, 40-foot flagpole.