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2018 Ngineering


As always, we encourage your feedback and comments.
Please bear with us during this transition period. We will try to get it completed as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding.
The hard part for us is that we plan to send email notices to all of you about this change and as we said before the will occur in small batches so as not to violate the spam rules as defined by our ISP.
It will link to a page that will list chronologically all changes and new products with the most recent at the top. We will attempt to add items going back to the beginning of 2018. We expect that it will take about 2 weeks to reorganize the website.
So... as an alternative we have decided to create a new link button called "WHAT'S NEW!" that will replace the "Join Our Mailing List" button. It will be moved near the top of our linking buttons and be easily noticeable.
Staying on top of this process would require much more time than we have available.
Because of the ever-increasing email spamming issues, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have put restrictions on the amount of email that can be sent at a given time by a particular website. Our mailing list has grown extremely large and to respond to all the mail list members about new products and changes would require many small email batches being sent out over a period of several days.
The bad news is that, as a result, we have fallen terribly behind in keeping you up to date with new product announcements and change notices. For that, we sincerely apologize.
The good news (for Ngineering) is that, because of the wonderful support and feedback from our customers like you, we have been incredibly busy over the recent years and business has grown much larger and more rapidly than we could have hoped for.
First... We need to apologize!


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