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Power Supply
Dist. Board
LED Power Kit
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LED Power Kit NK218
This lighting kit includes our N3518 18-volt DC Power Supply, our N8102 LED Power Distribution Board, and a 12-pack of our NC7500 750-ohm 1/2-watt resistors. That is sufficient to easily power up to 28 of any of our LEDs. That's enough to take care of a big row of streetlights, a small town, lumber mill, or most any small to mid-sized scene. The resistors included are to support 3.3-3.6-volt LEDs (streetlights, building lights, etc.) when connected to the B (back-side) of the board. If lower device voltage LEDs are to be used for some connections, alternate resistor values would be required. For complete information and usage of this Distribution Board, click on the Dist. Board link in More Info table above. This kit represents a 12% savings over purchase of these items separately.

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