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Below are two videos of an N-scale operating FRED (flashing rear-end device). Just click on either image to start the respective video (normal or close-up view). Video files require time to download, so please be patient.

Note: These videos are not enhanced or retouched and are taken with full room lighting (not a darkened room like many videos showing lighting effects).                                   


The FRED shown here was created by Dave MacKinnon of Details-N-Scale. It uses our N8101 DC Power Source, N8040A low-current FRED Simulator, our N1032 Nano red LED, and two of our N3100 100Ωf capacitors for flicker control. This FRED is a highly detailed and prototypical reproduction of a typical unit seen at the rear of so many of today's trains (notice the antenna). If you are interested in more information about the Details-N-Scale FRED, Dave can be reached by email at












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